North American Product Information

Residual Peroxide - Tests for levels of residual peroxide in rinse water

Residual Chlorine - Tests for residual chlorine in rinse water to 0.5 ppm (mg/l)

Peracetic Acid - Tests for potency levels of peracetic acid measuring concentrations in excess of 500 ppm

Sensitive Low-Range Water Hardness - Tests for total hardness in water down to 5 mg/l (ppm)

Total Chlorine DPD Test Kit - Measures low levels of total chlorine (i.e. total chloramines plus free chlorine) in feed water used to prepare dialysate

Bicarb pH - Tests for hydrogen ion concentration in bicarbonate buffer.

Blood Leak - Tests for the presence of blood in dialysate when a blood leak alarm has sounded.


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